Autonomous vehicles are increasingly finding their way to the production floor. Think about AGVs transporting semi-finished products throughout the factory, drones inspecting machinery for preventive maintenance, boats that automatically survey the waterways.

We provide several tools that enable users to develop environment models, deploy sensor fusion for environment perception and develop dynamic path planning and tracking controllers.

Flanders Make - Development of dynamic path planning for autonomous vehicles

What do we offer?

Our toolbox includes:

  • Global path planning using computational resources for efficient QUAD map representation;
  • Local path planning that takes the immediate environment and specific vehicle constraints into account;
  • LIDAR-based obstacle avoidance;
  • Autonomous reverse driving whenever the vehicle is obstructed;
  • Dynamic adaptation of the maximum speed when overtaking obstacles and when recognising pedestrians;
  • Semi-autonomous vehicle path tracking based on energy-optimal & model-predictive control.

The algorithms can be deployed and validated on real-time embedded controllers.

Our unique software

  • Optimal Motion Generation Tools (OMGtools)
  • Quad map virtual world toolbox


Overview - Development of dynamic path planning for autonomous vehicles

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