We support companies with the optimisation, characterisation and integration of drivetrain transmissions to improve their performance.

Flanders Make - Design and prototyping of transmissions

What do we offer?

Thanks to our winning combination of modelling expertise and a unique validation setup (multi-load drivetrain test cell), we can offer modelling, simulation and experimental validation of (prototype) transmissions through:

  • Detailed characterisation and validation measurements of transmission components, including vision-based teeth monitoring, loss models, efficiency maps…;
  • Numerical and experimental modelling and characterisation of tribological effects (e.g. friction, lubrication, wear) in transmissions, incl. CFD and fluid-structure interaction methods;
  • System level modelling of mechanical transmissions, incl. Continuous Variable (toroidal and belt) Transmissions (CVT), Electric Variable Transmissions (EVT), planetary gears, belt and differential transmissions, hydraulic transmissions;
  • Sizing optimisation of components (gears and clutches) of gear boxes;
  • Optimisation of clutch actuation control.

Our unique software & hardware

We use various unique software and hardware tools in this process:

  • In-house developed parametrised transmission models in MatLab/Simulink.
  • In-house developed tools for lubrication and erosion/abrasion modelling.
  • Tango Toolbox combining ABAQUS and ANSYS Fluent for fluid structure interaction.


Overview - Design and prototyping of transmissions

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