We design and prototype autonomous working vehicles to increase productivity and flexibility, whilst guaranteeing safety and reducing hardware costs.

Flanders Make - Autonomous tractor

What do we offer?

Autonomous working vehicles combine autonomous driving capabilities with autonomous operating functions. Our services for designing and prototyping autonomous working vehicles include:

  • Architectural design of autonomous mobile systems such as agricultural vehicles, mobile robots and drones;
  • Implementation of a proof-of-concept for both software and hardware;
  • Virtual and semi-virtual (Hardware-in-the-Loop) validation of autonomous driving and working functions;
  • Performance evaluation of self-driving algorithms.

We have a unique position in designing and prototyping these vehicles as we are well-connected with, a/o, the agricultural, manufacturing, logistics and automotive sector.

Our unique software & hardware

We use various software and hardware tools in this process. Our unique infrastructure includes:

  • Mobile perception & control platform
  • Several perception implementations on Nvidia platforms (object detection and classification algorithms and sensor fusion algorithms)
  • Several control implementations on RCP or computer platforms
  • Virtual validation framework for performance evaluation of autonomous work/drive systems or their components.


Overview - Design and prototyping of autonomous working vehicles

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