We help you with the design of assembly systems that are customised to your specific needs.

Flanders Make - Computer-supported design of assembly systems

What do we offer?

Throughout the years, our researchers have built up expertise on assembly systems in various industry-driven research projects. Now, we use this knowledge to create the right assembly system for your specific needs. We assist your company with:

  • selecting the right assembly sequence, taking ease of assembly and assembly feasibility into account in the design phase already;
  • cost-efficient allocation of operators and machines;
  • optimising the physical location of all cell elements during the assembly process, taking assembly time and ergonomics into account;
  • improving the flexibility of your assembly cell in view of new products or different workload allocations;
  • capacity studies when product volumes are changing or machines must be replaced.

Our unique software & hardware

  • In-house prototype tools for assembly cell visualisation
  •  In-house prototype tool for optimal layout of hybrid production cell


Overview - Computer-supported design of assembly systems

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