Digital work instructions with DWI4Manufacturing

Why digital work instructions?

In Flanders, there is a large group of companies active in the manufacturing industry, where an extensive set of activities takes place: assembly, quality controls, logistic processes,... The production processes used by these companies consist of multiple steps with complex operations, which must be carried out by well-trained and experienced operators in order to achieve the required quality. Digital work instructions (DWI) offer a solution to deal with all that complexity and support the operator in doing his job properly.

In order to keep production in Flanders for the long term, manufacturing companies are forced to deliver high-quality products, in small batches with a lot of variation, at a responsible cost. DWI increases quality (up to 90 % less defects) and efficiency (up to 20 %), keeping the complexity associated with mass customisation manageable. In addition, training time is reduced (up to 10%), which makes it possible to quickly bring new employees, as well as lateral entrants, into production, which is an answer to the difficulty of finding technically skilled personnel.

COOCK project DWI4Manufacturing

In order to respond to this, we have set up the COOCK project DWI4Manufacturing together with VLAIO. The project aims to inform and advise companies on the rollout of digital work instructions within their production environment. By, on the one hand, focusing on better informing companies about the various DWI possibilities and, on the other hand, developing tools that simplify the creation and management of digital work instructions, we want to reinforce the advantages of this digitalisation. Moreover, our experts are available in this project to provide personalised advice and answer all your questions.

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