Living lab Machine Upgrading 4.0: Call for pilot case

Revive your machines with 'Machine Upgrading 4.0'

Industrial machines are sometimes decades old. Although these machines have not necessarily reached the end of their lifespan, they sometimes no longer meet modern standards in terms of control, instrumentation and integration into the digital production environment.

The question then arises whether the machine can still be used or whether it needs an upgrade and/or whether a newer machine could produce at a lower cost. In addition to financial motives, production security, necessary training, ecology, etc. also play a role. Moreover, there is often a lack of a clear idea of the (hidden) costs linked to the machine or what is under the bonnet.

Within the living lab "Machine Upgrading 4.0", Flanders Make determines a suitable approach for machine upgrading via a data-driven cost-benefit analysis. The effectiveness of the machine, the quality in the long run and the economic ROI value, upgrade possibilities and functionalities, technology selection and implementation are all scrutinised.

Industrial call - Machine Upgrading 4.0 pilot case

Do you want to breath new life into your machinery?

As part of the Machine Upgrading 4.0 living lab, we are looking for companies that want to bring their machines into the digital future. Would you, for example, like to know more about the energy consumption of your machines, or do you still have to record certain parameters manually? 

We would like to hear whether you are also struggling with these kinds of problems. Thus, in consultation with you, we can turn your problem into a Machine Upgrading 4.0 pilot case. In doing so, we provide a data-driven cost-benefit analysis of your industrial machine. We inspect, advise and support the implementation of an Industry 4.0-grade state-of-the-art retrofit, taking into account electrical, mechanical, digital and conformity aspects. In doing so, we fully tailor the implementation approach, depth of innovation and close cooperation to your needs.

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Would you like more information or to submit your case? Contact Wouter Lammens, business developer at Flanders Make.

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