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Mechatronics 4.0 Masterclass IV focuses on vision technology

Vision technology is key to make your products smart and autonomous. The aim of this masterclass is to inform you about the merits of vision technology and provide you insights about how to integrate these systems in your products or production in an effective way.

To keep or improve their competitive edge, machine builders are on the one hand obliged to maximise the quality of their machines and to minimise the faulty output. On the other hand, manufacturers of mechatronics products face a raising demand for autonomous and smart products. For companies active in the field of mechatronics, this is both a challenge and opportunity. In both cases, vision technology can be key to achieve new novel production systems and products.

The Mechatronica 4.0 project aims to help Flemish companies to realise the Industry 4.0-philosophy. Vision technology will be a key feature of the next generation of autonomous, safety and inspection systems, and is the focus of this Mechatronics 4.0 Masterclass. The aim is to inform you about the merits of vision technology and provide you insights about what it means to integrate these systems in your products or production. In addition, Flanders Make and imec will present their view on vision technology, which enables the realisation of smart vision based products. The different themes will be illustrated based on industrial use cases. 

Typical questions that will be addressed during the masterclass: 

  • Can I use low cost vision technology to realise an inline quality monitoring system?
  • How will a vision system help me to make my product autonomous in displacement and/or manipulation of goods?
  • Can vision system help me to increase safety for my people working with ‘dangerous’ machinery?
  • How do I train my vision system?
  • Do I need a 1D, 2D, or 3D vision system? Which resolution do I need?
8u30 Registration
9u15 Welcome and introduction to Mechatronics 4.0 VIS-traject: 
Opportunity to make that research you always wanted but never could 
Stijn Gielis, Senior Engineer Mechatronics, Sirris
9u30 Vision technology, what is in it for me? 
dr. Andrei Bartic, Cluster Manager Sensors, Monitoring, Control and Decision Making, Flanders Make
10u15 Company Testimonial I - Octinion - Challenges in strawberry detection and localisation
Jan Anthonis, CTO, Octinion
10u45 Coffee break
11u15 Drone Vision
Nils Tijtgat, IDLab, UGent
11u45 Line-based (1D) vision systems for industrial applications Abdellatif Bey-Temsamani, Project Manager, Flanders Make
12u30 Lunch
13u15 Smart vision technology
Merwan Birem, Research Engineer, Flanders Make
Karel Janssen, Research Engineer, Flanders Make
13u45 Development platform for autonomous driving
Erwin Rademakers, Research Engineer, Flanders Make 
14u30 Coffee break 
15u Demonstraties with live setups
  • Wire thickness measurement using a low-cost 1D camera
  • Smart vision-based driving assistant systems
  • Pick and place robot
15u45 Company testimonial II
16u15 Making your vision system smart, from template matching over machine learning to deep learning Dionysios Lefkaditis, Research Engineer, Flanders Make
16u45 Round table discussion 
17u Networking drink 

Information and registration via the Sirris website. 

25/10/2017 -
08:00 to 18:00
Flanders Make-Sirris, Celestijnenlaan 300D, 3001 Heverlee