The Qualisys Motion Capturing system is available to track motion, movements, paths, etc. You can also use it to perform gait analysis on your operators.


Location: FlandersMake@.UAntwerpen

Technical specifications


  • A state of the art optical motion capture system
  • 6 infrared cameras with easy wall or tripod mounting system
  • Calibration set for quick and easy calibration
  • Lightweight retro-reflective infrared markers
  • Accuracy below 0.5mm
  • 6doF tracking (position and orientation), using 3 (or more) markers
  • Automatic identification model for flexible bodies using joints and bones
  • Software to display, record, analyze and export 3D data in various formats
  • Real-time SDK

Key Features

  • High-speed motion capture
  • Wide field of view
  • Low latency for real-time applications
  • Fast setup with combined Power & Ethernet
  • Daisy-chaining (no switches required)
  • Silent operation
  • In-camera marker masking

Miqus M3 Specifications

  • Normal mode 2 MP - 340 fps
  • High-speed mode 0.5 MP - 650 fps
  • Resolution 1824×1088
  • field-of-view with standard lens 64×41°
  • field-of-view with optional lens 80×53°
  • Max capture distance 15m

Extra Specifications

  • Camera output modes marker coordinates / video preview
  • Marker support passive marker only
  • Camera body convection cooled, custom die-cast aluminum and polycarbonate
  • Strobe invisible infrared light (102 NIR LEDs @ 850Nm)
  • Connection 1-connector daisy-chained Gigabit Ethernet and Power
  • External sync possible with external sync unit
  • Operating temperature 0-35°C
  • Camera body 140×84×84 mm (5.5×3.3×3.3 inches)
  • Weight: ~0.7kg (1.54lbs)
  • Calibrated video reference Miqus Video - color & monochrome
  • Anti-theft Kensington lock

What do we offer?

We offer our Qualisys Motion Capturing infrastructure for:

  • Tracking of motions, movements, paths, etc.
  • Gait analysis


Download an overview here:
Qualisys Motion Capturing System overview

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