CRESCENT NV (OPTIONTM) launches brand new social distancing alarm developed at Flanders Make

CRESCENT NV (OPTIONTM) launches brand new social distancing alarm developed at Flanders Make

Leuven, Belgium - August 4, 2020 - 8:00 pm, Crescent NV, Gaston Geenslaan 14, 3001 Heverlee (Euronext Brussels: OPTI) & Flanders Make vzw, Gaston Geenslaan 8, 3001 Heverlee:

Crescent NV (Option™) takes an exclusive worldwide license on the brand new social distancing alarm from Flanders Make. Option will add the devices, based on Ultra Wide Band technology, to its portfolio and commercialize them worldwide. Flanders Make started development at the outbreak of the corona pandemic and has already tested several thousand prototypes at companies.

The worldwide flare-ups of corona infections and the threat of new local lockdowns confirm the great need for means to combat the spread of the virus. Only in this way can our society continue to function and can companies keep their people working. In addition to the well-known other measures, social distancing remains a top priority.

“It is impossible to ensure that employees always keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from each other without the use of technical aids. That is why we developed a social distancing alarm at Flanders Make in record time, which warns the wearer in less than a second when he or she needs to take more distance. We are very pleased that Crescent will bring this alarm to the market very quickly ”, says Dirk Torfs, CEO Flanders Make.

The easy to install system is based on Ultra Wide Band technology that Flanders Make has already successfully applied in developments for self-driving vehicles. It does not require a fixed infrastructure, works entirely locally, both indoors and outdoors, and it respects employee privacy.

“With Safety Distance & SafeDistance, we already offer a range of safety solutions tailored to the needs of end users”,explains Alain Van den Broeck - CEO of Option.

“By adding the social distancing alarm (developed by Flanders Make) to our product range, we now have the right solution for every customer: from object tags to badges to wearables; and the integration of different technologies BLE / UWB and with the optional possibility of proximity registration via a special application. ”

The SafeDistance UWB alarms will be commercially available from the second half of August.

Flemish Minister of Economy and Innovation Hilde Crevits: “The rising figures show that we will have to live and work with the corona virus for a long time to come. A social distancing alarm can be an important tool for companies to organize work safely. It is good that now, after extensive research by Flanders Make, the next step can be taken and the devices can actually be put on the market. This shows that Flanders plays an important role in the manufacturing industry and is not only strong in scientific research but also in productive and applicable innovations. ”


Please contact Alain Van den Broeck via or via +32 16 317 411 for more information.

About Flanders Make

Flanders Make focuses on industry-driven technological research and innovation together with and for large companies and SMEs in the Flemish manufacturing industry. The focus is on open innovation through excellent research on mechatronics, methods to develop products and technology to produce them. In concrete terms, this contributes to product and process innovation in the vehicle industry, mechanical engineering and in production environments. The research results are applicable to a wide range of companies in the broad manufacturing industry, which often face similar technological challenges. Together they can innovate better and faster. Flanders Make is also strongly committed to international innovation cooperation and participation in European research projects.

 Flanders Make is active from locations throughout Flanders, with co-creation centers in Lommel, Leuven and Kortrijk, the Flemish drone federation in Sint-Truiden and core labs at the 5 Flemish universities: KU Leuven, University of Antwerp, Ghent University, Hasselt University and Free University of Brussels. 

About Crescent

The listed CRESCENT is a technology group led by the renowned Eric Van Zele, who united the old OPTION with the IT services company 2invision, the Dutch integrator SAIT, and the RGB Smart public lighting OEM Innolumis.

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