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Flanders Make and PwC surveyed over 30 leading manufacturing companies on their current maturity level and future expectations of Industry 4.0.
Picanol Portfolio Manager Koen Maertens explains the role of Flanders Make in the search for solutions for the challenges they face.
These projects will help your company to deal with the technological challenges you are facing.
Digitising production is a complex story. We offer you six key skills that every company should master.
Our CEO Dirk Torfs pleads for optimal cooperation between public authorities, companies and knowledge institutions.
How can you teach a robot to observe its environment and avoid obstacles? In cooperation with other companies, we went looking for the answers.
Shock absorber manufacturer Tenneco designs and develops state of the art suspension systems for vehicles. We as Flanders Make support them in this mission.
We are planning a project to investigate how simulations can limit the costs of functional safety analyses. Interested in working together?
This project wants to speed up the curing step and enable weakening the bond when required. Interested in cooperating?
Documented data on motor and drive losses are often limited to nominal operating conditions. But what if operating parameters deviate from these conditions?
Mass customization creates the necessity for flexible and agile manufacturing systems. Operators are faced with a higher cognitive load. How can they cope?
This annual report provides an overview of all our activities. And looks ahead towards an innovative future.
Flanders Make successfully supports Flemish companies to realise important innovation projects for the vehicles, machines and factories of the future.
Click here to watch the videos of our project results.
In 2013, Flanders Make and its partners successfully completed the research project 'Inductive Charging'. Today we present the technical report.