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Which technological evolutions will shape our future?
The conference provides a forum for professionals active in the field of modelling, analysing, testing and improving the NVH characteristics of mechanical systems.
Discover how a combination of nano and digital technology makes the impossible possible.
First edition of Advanced Engineering gives inspiration for 'future proof' products.
Sensing and control technology will be a key feature of the next generation of autonomous, safety and inspection systems.
Flanders Make will be present at the Hannover Messe with the MAKE LAB, our mobile lab for research into flexible assembly and human-centred...
Learn about the opportunities & challenges with respect to composites/polymer processing.
How does technological research contribute to progress? Discover it through concrete cases.
During Lijmen 2018, glue experts will give tips and insights on regulations and new bonding techniques.
The theme of this edition is autonomous systems.
How can the super computer help optimise products and processes?
We focus on product line engineering for smart product design.
18 confirmed speakers for the Flanders Make Symposium!
Bits&Chips Smart Systems is the leading event on embe
The aim of this masterclass is to inform you about the merits of vision technology and provide you insights about how to integrate these systems.
Combinations of different materials can offer designers solutions where designs using single materials have failed.
This visionary seminar will address some of the key enabling technologies for the tactile internet.
How do companies tackle technological hurdles?
The course is set up as an extended overview of some recent techniques in applied acoustics with emphasis on applications in automotive and aerospace industry.
The course is set up as a general introduction with emphasis on data-acquisition and multi-channel modal testing.
The course introduces the principles, techniques and methodology of data science.
The VIRTUAL VEHICLE anniversary event is inspired by the shift towards digitalization in the automotive industry and will focus on context-embedded vehicle technologies.
This international and cross-sectoral matchmaking event gives you the opportunity to meet with important actors active in the value chain of the digital technologies.
Products have become smarter, with customized and client-specific features. They no longer fit traditional mass production on a classical assembly line.