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VIDEO: Cost-effective vibro-acoustic monitoring (vibmon)

Error detection in bearings and gears in machines at an early stage, results in higher quality, lower costs and time profit. But current systems are expensive and only suitable for certain tasks. This project aims to develop intelligent algorithms for low-cost sensors that can be tailored to specific industrial applications so as to detect faults at an early stage.


There are no solutions available on the market for detecting realistic faults in bearings and gears. Besides, the closed format of these commercial systems does not even allow for tailored improvements for specific applications. Existing solutions, on the other, are too expensive for permanent installation.

With the decreasing cost of sensors and embedded platforms, the development of a low-cost diagnostic system for continuous monitoring comes within reach of the industry. However, the challenge of detecting faults in a reliable manner remains. In general, the information about faulty components is inadequate and dominated by other vibration sources in industrial machinery.

Project goals

  1. Assessing the technical limitations of low-cost vibro-acoustic sensors;
  2. Developing algorithms for processing raw signals from these sensors so as to detect faults in bearings and gears;
  3. Demonstrating the feasibility of fault detection in gearboxes using a low-cost embedded monitoring system.

Economic value

Continuous vibration monitoring using a low-cost embedded system allows to:

  • Increase quality
    • Reliable machines
    • Detection of decreased product quality
  • Reduce costs
    • Efficient maintenance
    • Preventing escalation of damage
  • Gain time
    • Fast repair
    • Minimisation of downtime



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Project partners

1/10/2015 to 30/09/2017