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Symposium 2017


08u30 Welcome

Opening presentation 

Dirk Torfs, CEO, Flanders Make


Insights in the development and maintenance of smart, interconnected products and production environments

Trends and opportunities in the development of the machines of the future

Ton Peijnenburg, Manager Systems Engineering, VDL Enabling Technologies Group and Fellow, Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands)

The importance of digitalization in the vehicle industry

Michael Schmeja, Head of Integrated Vehicle Development, Virtual Vehicle (Austria)

Use case of maintaining smart products

Xavier Bourgois, CIO, Barco

10u50 Visit demonstrations & coffee

Smart motion products for improved user experience: drivers, enablers and industrial cases

Flanders Make vision & realizations contributing to smart motion products

Walter Driesen, Core Lab Manager, Flanders Make

Developing smart suspension systems for future autonomous vehicles

Koen Reybrouck, Global Ride Performance Technology Director & Miguel Dhaens, Research & Core Science Leader, Tenneco Automotive

Autonomous navigation on water: autonomous boat or autonomous environment?

Peter Staelens, Technical Director, DotOcean

12u35 Visit demonstrations & lunch 

Assembly of highly customized products at the cost of series production

Flanders Make vision & realizations for smart, interconnected assembly systems

Lieven De Meyer, CTO, Flanders Make

Increased employee involvement through smart assembly

Geert Ostyn, VP Weaving Machines, Picanol Group

Realizing smart assembly by tailoring rich operator information

Marc Blekkink, Partner, Movilitas

15u15 Visit demonstrations & coffee 

Keys to success for Flemish production plants in the Industry 4.0 era 

The role of self-steering teams for successful agile production

Goedele Heylen, Operations Director, Niko

How we became competitive against China

Jan Vergote, CEO, IVC Group

The journey to a sustainable lead plant

Eric Verhelst, Director Manufacturing and Plant Manager Oostkamp, TE-Connectivity


Managing open innovation in SMEs - success stories

Wim Vanhaverbeke, Professor Innovation Management & Strategy, Hasselt University and visiting professor, ESADE Business School & National University of Singapore


Closing session

Philippe Muyters, Flemish Minister for Work, Economy, Innovation and Sport

Urbain Vandeurzen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Flanders Make

17u45 Walking dinner