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Program seminar day

09h30 | Welcome


10h00 | Waste heat recuperation in vehicles
In this project we have created a model-based, energy-conscious methodology to design and control systems based on waste heat recovery in view of lowering the overall energy consumption of vehicles.

  • 10h00 | Introduction. Davy Maes, Project manager Flanders Make.
  • 10h10 | Model-based design of waste-heat recuperation for long-haul trucks. Chris Criens, Research engineer Flanders Make.
  • 10h30 | Development of an ORC test setup for long-haul vehicles. Maximilian Hombsch, Systems engineer Dana Belgium, Keivan Shariatmadar, Advanced powertrain engineering Dana Belgium, Pierre Garsoux, Thermal management engineer Bosal and Wouter Remmerie, Project manager Voxdale.
  • 11h10 | Topological design space exploration for ORC systems. Luca Salemio, Associate research engineer Siemens.
  • 11h30 | Waste heat recuperation in electrical vehicles. Davy Maes, Project manager Flanders Make.
  • 11h45 | Conclusions and Q&A


12h00 | Sandwich lunch 


13h00 | Info session: Flanders Make strategy
In this session our CEO Dirk Torfs will talk about our long term strategy and our research projects in particular. How is Flanders Make evolving to guarantee a maximal support for your company?


14h00 | Coffee break


14h30 | Parallel session 1: Low-cost embedded 1D vision sensors for smart monitoring applications
The main goal of this project was to develop a generic image processing framework, enabling the design and real-time implementation of feature extraction, estimation and classification algorithms. As well as motion compensation algorithms based on optimal spatial and temporal processing of time-consecutive 1D images.

  • 14h30 | Introduction. Abdellatif Bey-Temsamani, Project manager Flanders Make.
  • 14h45 | Design and development steps for 1D line sensing hardware. Abdellatif Bey-Temsamani, Project manager Flanders Make.
  • 15h05 | Motion blur in 1D images. Tinne Tuytelaars, Professor KU Leuven ESAT-VISICS.
  • 15h25 | Algorithmic framework for 1D sensing system. Agusmian Partogi Ompusunggu and Dionysios Lefkaditis, Researchers Flanders Make.
  • 15h50 | Industrial testimonial. Thibault Le Polain, Project manager Tenneco automotive Europe bvba.
  • 16h15 | Q&A


14h30 | Parallel session 2: Model-based design of drivetrain cooling systems
The knowledge of the design of cooling systems for machine drive trains is fragmented and not readily available. The present approach is designing oversized cooling systems using off-the-shelve components or developing very specific solutions for very specific problems. This project offers a solution to these challenges.

  • 14h30 | Introduction. Steven Devos, Project manager Flanders Make.
  • 14h40 | Model-based design approach for cooling systems.
    • Steven Devos, Project manager Flanders Make
    • Michel De Paepe, Professor UGent
    • Johan Driesen, Professor KULeuven
  • 15h20 | Model-based optimisation of a complex liquid cooling system for textile machinery. ‎Matthias Cauwelier, R&D project engineer, Michel Van de Wiele.
  • 15h40 | Model-based design of fan cooling for energy storage systems. Johan Lecoutere, CEO Blueways International.
  • 16h00 | Conclusions and Q&A.


16h30 | Networking drink

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