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The TETRA project "PRU Code Generation"

The Flanders Make CoSys corelab is looking for industrial partners to take part in a Flemish TeTra-project entitled “PRU Code Generation”. The goal of the project is to develop methods that lower the cost and time-to-market and increase the quality of data acquisition for Industry 4.0 applications. These methods make use of heterogenous embedded processors that combine powerful ARM-cores with small real-time processors (Programmable Realtime Units – PRU) that process input-output operations at high speed. These PRU systems are gradually implemented on low-cost embedded single board computers (€50-€100), well-suited for advanced signal processing.

We will develop a toolchain to facilitate data-acquisition with these PRUs. In particular, the toolchain will

  • automatically generate data acquisition code for the PRU based on the ADC/DAC timing diagrams,
  • generate PCB designs to link the ADC/DACs with the embedded system,
  • provide a high level language to implement signal processing algorithms on the embedded system,
  • generate models to simulate the impact of different types of ADC/DACs on specific signal processing implementations.

We are looking for companies that

  • use sensor data for controlling Industry 4.0 applications,
  • develop sensors for use in Industry 4.0 solutions,
  • integrate the different components of Industry 4.0 solutions,
  • develop tools to support embedded system design.

We ask your involvement as part of the project user group. This would mean that you get the opportunity to have one of your challenges implemented as a use case, that you get early access to the developed methods and tools, and that you will be presented with a number of networking opportunities with other companies in the user group. As member of the user group, you would have to make a limited financial contribution and attend four project steering meetings in the course of two years.  

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