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Ergonomic Monitoring and Improvement (ERGO-EyeHand_ICON)

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the most important category of work-related diseases in many industrialized countries. The current methods used to capture the physical load at the level of body posture in working conditions focus on a qualitative and thus subjective assessment of the load. They are therefore not suitable as a continuous monitoring tool to provide real-time and automatic feedback to operators about their ergonomic posture.

The aim of this project is to develop a methodology and supporting software tools to automatically assess ergonomics based on sensor data and propose improvements of work actions, and feed these back to the operators. We will

  • Detect the person's posture. Based on sensor data, an assessment method will be developed to evaluate the full body posture.
  • Evaluate or optimize the work cell, whether or not by using AR/VR. We may also integrate ergonomic recommendations into the digital work instructions.
  • Control a robot hand and integrate it into the manufacturing/assembly process.

Ultimately, this will lead to ergonomically improved work cells, fewer cases of MSD, a decline in absenteeism and an increase in employee satisfaction.

ERGO-EyeHand is an ICON-project (Interdisciplinair Coöperatief Onderzoek – Interdisciplinary Cooperative Research). We are looking for companies to detail the project content with us and define use cases for valorisation of the project results. 

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