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Roadshow: The possibilities of advanced composite manufacturing

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Online event "Accelerated Advanced Composite Manufacturing"

Thanks to technological advancement in material aspects and industry 4.0 technologies, composite materials are finding their way into mainstream industries. For many companies the use of composites is an opportunity to innovate. However, as an SME, it’s challenging to start prototyping and testing of advanced composite technologies.

Join our virtual roadshow and learn the latest trends in the European composites market and the impact of the current COVID-19 crisis. We will explain the basics of composites and show a unique training program comprising the latest manufacturing technologies and guidelines on successful bonding of composite structures. 

We also offer you the opportunity to talk directly with the research partners. Through an online matchmaking session we organise an open discussion on digitization, sustainability and disruptive technologies in the composites industry.

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3rd of December, 2020

Time Session Speaker
11:00-11:15 Welcome to Flanders Make & Virtual demo tour Dr. Ir. Maarten Witters, Flanders Make
11:15-11:30 AACOMA Interreg Project Introduction Ing. Bernard Paquet - Centexbel
11:30-12:30 Market & Trends in the Composite Industry and the impact of the COVID-19 Crisis Dr-Ing. Michael Effing - AMAC


4th of December,2020

Time Session Speaker
11:00-11:30 Manufacturing technologies for composite materials Ir. Linde de Vriese - Sirris
11:30-12:00 Guidelines to a successful adhesive bond on composites Ing. Jeroen Van Kasteren - Flanders Make
12:00-13:00 Online matchmaking session Manuel Michiels - Flanders Make


9th of December,2020

Time Session Speaker
11:00-12:00 Basics of composites for non-specialists Ir. Didier Garray - Sirris


For whom

Any company who is engaged in the engineering or manufacturing of composite based products and are willing to learn more about the best practices and state of the art innovations in order to boost their competitiveness on composites.

About the AACOMA Project

The AACOMA project offers SMEs the opportunity to accelerate the advanced manufacturing of composite materials. Generic demonstrators will be build and tested to verify the feasibility of new materials and advanced process technologies such as additive manufacturing, robotics, virtual engineering and artificial intelligence. These goals will be realised through the technical expertise of the participating project partners.

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