Keynote presentaties

Naast onze live demonstraties bieden we een mix aan van inspirerende keynote presentaties met sprekers uit verschillende sectors.Hieronder vind je het volledige programma, én meer informatie over de keynote sessie en spreker. 



Welkome met koffie & ontbijt


Openingssessie: Vision on a bright future for our industry
Dirk Torfs, CEO, Flanders Make


Digitalisation at scale: Vision on successful implementation of industry 4.0, focusing on technology and corporate culture
Biba Visnjicki, Global Head of Digitalisation, Tembo Group (the Netherlands)


Koffiepauze & bezoek aan demo's


Artificial Intelligence based technologies that will boost your company’s efficiency
Andrei Bartic, Cluster Manager Decision & Control, Flanders Make

The future of exoskeletons creating workable work in a flexible assembly environment
Dirk Lefeber, Professor Emeritus, Flanders Make@.VUB

Working together successfully with Flanders Make: 2 company cases

Introduction to the demonstrators resulting from Flanders Make’s latest research
Marc Engels, COO, Flanders Make

13.00 Lunch, bezoek aan demo's & tours

Duracell: transformation into a model plant in Belgium in 5 years time
Stefaan Boterberg, Senior Vice President Global Operations, Duracell

Bionic - Learning bij nature
Karoline von Häfen, Head of Corporation Bionic Projects, Festo (Germany)

IBM's vision on artificial intelligence and ethics
Wouter Denayer, EBU Technical Lead Belux, IBM

16.00 Koffiepauze, bezoek aan demo's & tours

How innovation plays a key role in Nike’s digital first supply chain at scale
Sarah van Haelst, Supply Chain Innovation Manager, Nike

Human centric approaches to drive innovation
Ank De Wilde, CEO and Cofounder, Absolem



Vision of the Flemish government on the importance of technological research in innovation and the role of Flanders Make
Hilde Crevits, Vice Minister-President, Flemish Minister for Economy, Innovation, Work, Social Economy and Agriculture

Urbain Vandeurzen, Chairman, Flanders Make


Klinken op het innovatie-ecosysteem van Flanders Make

Walking dinner & bezoek aan demo's

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