On Tuesday 27 april we organised the webinar "Machine Upgrading 4.0".

It is very likely that you have machines and installations in your production systems that are in need of an upgrade. These machines have proven their quality but do not offer the technical possibilities or energy efficiency that we expect from a modern state-of-the-art machine park. As a result of the industry 4.0 living lab 'Machine Upgrading 4.0', Flanders Make and the machine builder VINTIV joined forces with VLAIO to produce an inspiring white paper and webinar.


(attention: webinar and white paper are presented and written in Dutch)

  • Introduction (Ted Ooijevaar - Flanders make)
  • Programme (Ted Ooijevaar - Flanders make)
  • The 4 transformations: elektrical, mechanical, digital and conformity (Timen Floré - VINTIV)
  • The business case: Determination of cost-effectiveness analysis (Jan Goos - Flanders Make)
  • Case 1: Upgrade of an extrusion line (Joris Ceyssens - VINTIV)
  • Case 2: Upgrade of an assembly line for medical applications (Stijn Van Uytfanghe - Yitch)
  • Case 3: Gradual upgrade of a compressed air network (Christoph Mannaerts & Karel Janssen - Flanders Make)
  • Importance of cybersecurity when upgrading machines (John Paul Morgan - Phoenix Contact)
  • VLAIO support (Dominique De Geest - Team Bedrijfstrajecten, VLAIO)
  • Q&A (Bert Dexters - Flanders Make)

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White paper "Machine Upgrading 4.0"

Do you like to know more about Machine Upgrading 4.0? Download the white paper that we wrote together with VINTIV

(attention: White paper is written in Dutch)

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