Flanders Make offers tools and methods to analyse your workplace, to optimise the division of tasks between operator and cobots and to quantify the stress caused by this human-robot collaboration and the introduction of new technologies in the workplace.


Location: Flanders Make - Lommel

Available equipment


  • Wireless 3D motion sensors
  • Finger pressure sensors
  • Muscle contraction sensor
  • Software to record, display and analyse measurements 


  • Skin conductace sensor
  • ECG sensor
  • Respiration sensor
  • Skin temperature sensor
  • EMG sensor
  • Software to record, display and analyse measurements 

What do we offer?

We perform assessments of your current assembly workstation regarding cognitive and physical loads on the operator. We use state-of-the-art measuring equipment and/or surveys filled in by the operators. This input is used to assess the feasibility of turning your manual assembly process into a collaborative one. This would improve your organisation's capabilities of dealing with the increasing demand for mass customization.

For each task, we use criteria such as ergonomics, stress, precision, variability and execution time, to decide whether the task should be done by either a robot, the operator or both. Based on this input, we set up an optimal assembly schedule increasing productivity and/or reducing the load on the operator. Finally we validate the effect of the applied changes on the work station in terms of ergonomics, stress and productivity.

To summarize: 

  • Feasibility study of the assembly process to check the potential of transforming it into a collaborative assembly process.
  • Optimise the division of tasks between human and robots.
  • Validate changes of a work cell or assembly line in terms of ergonomics, stress and/or productivity.


Download an overview here:
Measurement of cognitive & physical load overview

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