Our Portable Emission Measurement System, or PEMS, provides complete and accurate real-time monitoring of the pollutants emitted by engines while driving. 


Location: Flanders Make - Lommel

Available equipment

  • System control unit
  • Portable Emission Measurement System
  • Mobile fuel consumption measurement system
  • GPS and Ambient sensors
  • Calibration unit 

What do we offer?

  • Testing equipment, including a standardised RDE-compliant track
    • CO/CO²/NoX/THC measurement
    • Fuel gas consumption measurement
    • Exhaust gas flow and temperature control
    • Data taking into account ambient conditions 
  • Concerto software to run the acquired data of the Real Driving Emission test
  • Knowledge and support in setting up and running the test
  • Advice on follow-up actions 


Download an overview here:
Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS) - Overview

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