We took a standard Range Rover Evoque and converted its standard powertrain to a P4 hybrid-through-the-road powertrain with in-wheel electric motors. In addition, each rear wheel is fitted with active suspension. The car now serves as a research and test platform for vehicle control aspects (e.g. torque vectoring) and research into improving driving comfort.


Location: Flanders Make - Lommel

Flanders Make - Hybrid testing vehicle

Technical specifications

  • P4 hybrid-through-the-road drivetrain:
    • The front wheels are driven by the original combustion engine and transmission;
    • Each rear wheel is driven by an in-wheel electric motor.
  • Each rear wheel is equipped with active suspension;
  • dSPACE rapid prototyping platform with possibilities to connect additional sensors.

What do we offer?

The vehicle serves as a research and testing platform for electrification and improving driving comfort. You can validate your own solutions or use our test vehicle to develop and try out innovative ideas.

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Download an overview here:
Hybrid vehicle with in-wheel electric motors - Overview

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