This test rig offers the possibility to define a wide range of static or dynamic tests. Several linear and rotary hydraulic actuators are available to be integrated in custom built test setup to validate the strength or durability of a component.


Location: Flanders Make - Lommel

Flanders Make -  General durability test rig

All actuators can be force- or displacement-controlled and are highly dynamic to run a high number of load cycles in a minimum of time. The test rig can operate 24/7 with automated data logging and test monitoring. Multiple actuators can also be combined into a multi-axial setup to mimic real load conditions.


Technical specifications

  • Rotary actuators
    • Torque range: 1000Nm to 4000Nm
    • Angle range: +/- 135°
    • Frequency range: up to 50Hz
  • Linear actuators
    • Force range: 5kN to 50kN
    • Displacement range: +/- 10mm to +/- 75mm
    • Frequency range: up to 100Hz

What do we offer?

  • Adaptable uni-axial and multi-axial test set-ups
  • Up to 8 individual channels 
  • Displacement- or force-controlled
  • Typical input signals are sine, sweep and random signals
  • Time history road load data replication is also available 


Download an overview here:
General durability test rig - Overview


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