Modular, autonomous work-drive architectures




Current solutions of automated work and drive architectures lack collaborative motion, modularity to allow for multiple operating functions and a modular safe architecture.

Project goal

The project goal is to deliver a validated modular, cost-effective and safe architecture for multiple autonomous working functions on different mobile platforms, capable of maximum collaboration between work and drive functions for a set of use cases within the manufacturing and agricultural industry. The scope is limited to autonomous work-drive systems with max 3 modules that are physically connected with one another and with at least one of these modules being a mobile platform. The approach consists of four main parts:

  1. Modular, collaborative & adaptive perception architecture
  2. Modular, collaborative & adaptive motion control architecture
  3. Electro-mechanical architecture and sizing
  4. Functional safety architecture with maximum modularity

Industrial utilization of a modular and safe architecture, which aims for maximum collaboration between work and drive modules, is expected for OEMs, integrators, TIERs, Motion system suppliers, end-users but also spill-over. This project contributes directly to the Motion Products roadmap, as well as to the roadmap of Decision & Control.


WORK-DRIVE is a Strategic Basic Research (SBO) project. We are looking for companies to join the User Group and work with us on the valorisation of the project.