The European Union has set itself and its member states ambitious targets when it comes to reducing the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and introducing renewable energy sources. Transport and industry are not only important for our economic prosperity, they are also by far our major energy spenders. Together, they account for about two third of our overall consumption.

Our research focuses on supporting companies that are active in the machine and vehicle industry. We not only help them to save energy in a cost-effective way but also to anticipate global industry trends. This helps them to successfully launch new products and services onto the market.

Concrete research objectives

Our research follows global industry trends of ever Increased Performance per unit of total cost and Products Tailored to Customer needs. We specifically focus on:

  • New electric drivetrains with emerging electromechanical technologies, e.g.
    • New electric motors
    • Wide band gap power electronics
    • Advanced drive train cooling
    • Magnetic springs
    • Solid state batteries
  • Making sensing and control smarter to reduce the size of components and improve their performance
  • Combining physical and digital twins to optimise operation
  • Improving performance through the smarter coordination of several motions
  • Combined physical & virtual validation of motion products

For whom?

For all companies that are actively willing to optimise their system architecture and validation capacities.