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Augmented workers using smart robots in a manufacturing cell (YVES)


When robots share the same workspace with humans, the first goal is to guarantee human safety and comfort. In order to achieve this, we must, on the one hand, strenghten the role of human operators by turning them into knowledge workers, thus increasing at the same time flexibility, productivity and wellbeing on the work floor. On the other hand, we must develop methods to design human-robot collaborative workstations (HRCW) and improve the control and teaching algorithms for collaborative robots.

However, a cyber-physical system supporting this case does not yet exist because many subsystems or building blocks are currently either missing or not suitable for the task of human-robot collaboration. This project wants to address the key challenges and resolve or reduce the technology and system gaps. In doing so, we will develop YVES demonstrators for different industrial settings.

Project goals

Within the roadmap towards an efficient collaborative technology, the YVES project aims to tackle 3 research challenges

  • Studying the impact of  human-robot interaction in a manufacturing cell on human operators and on safety systems
  • Developing improved control algorithms and intuitive robot teaching methods
  • Developing design rules for HRCW and real-time scheduling algorithms to coordinate robot and human actions.

Economic value

Not only integrators and automation providers but all workplace settings involving human labor with ergonomic challenges (aged worker, heavy load, high complexity, stringent quality demands, etc.) could benefit from the project results.


Do you want to benefit from this research and discover to where it leads? We are always looking for companies that can propose interesting cases to validate the results or that can participate in the user group. By doing so, you can follow the progress from close by. Please contact

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1/01/2016 to 31/12/2019