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Video: Environmental Modelling for automated Driving and Active Safety (EMDAS)

With this project, we study vehicle automation with and for Flemish companies to prepare for an expected potential market within the next 5 years. Our project partners are Siemens, TomTom, Transport & Mobility Leuven, University Gent, VDL Bus & Coach and Xenics Infrared Solutions. 

Realisation of self-driving bus

The project starts with a bus in which the sideward motions have already been automated. We will integrate sensors in the bus and – using high-quality image analysis techniques – interpret the vehicle's environment. The bus will detect and classify traffic signs and lights, pedestrians and other road users and establish the probability of their actions within the immediate environment. Through the resulting environment model, we will also automate the speed of the bus, taking into account safety, efficient energy consumption and comfort. Apart from this, we will develop methods for performing modular safety analyses.  


The project partners will develop products and services based on the studied technologies. The bus will continue to act as a flexible, open research platform to enable much more Flemish companies to develop new technologies, services and products. This will assure them of a good starting position in the supply chain of a new market for automated systems, which – according to the estimates – will rapidly grow within the next ten years. 


Wider scope: AVICA

The Emdas project fits within AVICA that we are currently setting up to strengthen our research efforts in the field of autonomous vehicle applications. The focus is on realising public transport on the public road that is safe to all road users and whereby the intelligent, self-driving vehicle is supported through information on its environment, both from the infrastructure and from other vehicles.

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Project partners

1/04/2015 to 30/06/2017