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Internationalization and Mobility Trends

The Flemish vehicle industry plays an important part in the European landscape but also faces major challenges, not only from a technological (emerging technologies) but also from an economic (overcapacity, fluctuating prices of raw materials), legal (changing legislation) and social-cultural (consumers’ expectations) point of view.


Both for major Flemish players and for many SME’s it is important to make the right strategic choices and to respond both flexibly and from a holistic perspective to the opportunities that lie ahead.

This research project has arisen from the industry's need to associate more strongly with the international value network of particularly vehicle manufacturers and system integrators and to reinforce and expand joint ventures with these companies. In addition, one should also forge international ties with companies that are active in the field of infrastructure and (tele)communication, new players that will play a crucial part in the green and smart mobility industry of the future.


The project serves two main purposes.

  1. It aims to stimulate the innovation process by focussing strongly on reinforcing international joint ventures, the emphasis being on improving the visibility, recognition and positioning of the Flemish vehicle and mobility industry.
  2. To get a better understanding of the technological trends that will determine the future of the industry so as to enable the Flemish industry – through innovation (and new research projects contributing to it) – to respond optimally to the opportunities resulting from them. To this purpose, these international trends will be translated into a roadmap for Flemish companies that are active in the green and smart mobility industry.

Economic value

With this project, Flanders Make will be able to support the Flemish vehicle and mobility industry by developing and implementing a long-term strategy that is in keeping with the big international trends, such to support both major Flemish players and SME’s and help them to stay or become world players in development and production.

Departing from the innovation requirements that this project will uncover, Flanders Make will set up new Flemish research projects. Parallel to these Flemish projects, cross-border and European research and development projects will be set up with the participation of Flemish companies and/or Flanders Make, which will also contribute to their visibility and recognition in the international value network.

Project partners

1/01/2013 to 31/12/2016