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Flemish companies need more and faster product and process innovations to keep the manufacturing industry competitive and to ensure its long-term regional embedding. To make this possible, Flanders Make is setting up the necessary infrastructure.

Concrete expansion 

These investments include, a/o, the expansion of its top infrastructure in Limburg with the financial support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). This will enable companies to speed up the valorisation of their research results and to realise actual product and process developments through open innovation and co-creation in living labs. Companies can also turn to us for support with the validation and demonstration of their innovative products.

Flanders Make combines the ERDF resources with additional money from the SALK programme to develop three concrete activities:

  1. A mobile co-creation and demonstration laboratory for advanced production technologies and human-centred production systems;
  2. Demonstration and validation infrastructure for efficient vehicles, consisting of a Hardware-In-the-Loop platform for efficient drives and vehicle test infrastructure; and
  3. A lab for demonstration and validation of joining techniques for multi-material structures with focus on (different) lightweight materials and innovative, smart systems and structures.


This new state-of-the-art infrastructure in Lommel must enable companies to detect new demands and create new markets. It must facilitate and accelerate the innovation and marketing of services and products.


Financial support EFRO: €2.086.712,45 (=40% of the total investments)
Flemish cofinancing: €3.130.069,00 

Total investments: €5.216.781,45

1/03/2016 to 28/02/2019