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Increase the robustness of mapping and localization to changes in the environment by adding semantic information to the SLAM process.
A cobot as colleague? In this living lab we demonstrate to companies the benefits of cobots working together with human operators.
Establish a common basis for policy learning to overcome fragmentation of Industry 4.0 solutions.
Versterk het concurrentievermogen van de EU op vlak van digitale technologieën en verzeker dat elk bedrijf in Europa digitale innovatie ten volle kan benutten.
Strengthen transnational cooperation among synergic training organizations and increase the mobility opportunities of trainees in the European digital industry scene.
Bring together top researchers and industry from all over Europe with the objective of developing new, digital and human oriented robotic technology.
This project focusses on the development of new smart handlingsarchitectures for the handling of moderate loads in modern factories.
The project aims to create a user-centred methodology for Augmented Reality applications in flexible assembly and inspection operations.
Research project for the development of a new methodology in product family design.
Challenge Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the most important category of work-related diseases in many industrialised countries. MSDs injuries...