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De maakindustrie is erg belangrijk voor de economie in de Noordzee Regio en is een echte drijver voor groei.
The operator needs a digital platform.
We want to optimize production efficiency for SMEs by analyzing large amounts of data that become available through IoT technologies.
Photonics sensors equipped with freeform optics enable an unprecedented combination of compactness, robustness, performance and accuracy.
The project aims to develop an optimisation framework (methods and supporting tools) enabling to determine the optimal geometry and material choice.
The goal of this project is to develop the toolchain which allows to build a digital twin for interconnected machines.
The goal of the project is to develop Process Quality Assurance tools for Laser Melting Processes based on online process monitoring systems.
Interested companies can still join the user group or propose company cases for the validation of the research results!
Our goal is to improve the access to Research and Innovation Infrastructure and increase the collaboration between SMEs and research organizations.
The finishing operations on aerospace composites are difficult and expensive. Hence, this project aims to develop a stable process.