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Design and validation of modular drivetrain Architectures (ModulAr_SBO)


In this project, the modularity of a drivetrain architecture is defined by the multiple use of the same subsystem (motors, PEs, etc.). The introduction of this type of modularity in an industrial product is impeded by two main technological barriers:

  1. Lack of relevant validated modular drivetrain architectures
  2. A generic framework is missing to design and operate the modular drivetrain in normal “healthy” and “fault” conditions.

Project goals

The project aims at outperforming the current state-of-the-art drive train architectures by adding modularity to the drivetrains with the following quantitative targets:

  1. Cost reduction (-25%)
  2. Higher Performance: Higher Torque (+15%); Loss Reduction (-20%)
  3. Reliability: MTBF (+100%)
  4. Additional functionalities:
    1. Control: decentral, reconfigurable
    2. Torque ripple reduction (-30%)
    3. Smaller capacitor (-10%)

These project targets should be realised through the following innovation goals:

  1. Developing new innovative modular architectures
  2. Creating a design and control framework
  3. Demonstrating modular architectures on two research cases

Economic value

Flemish companies will benefit from the project results in two ways:

  1. Similarity between their own industrial products and the validated modular architectures of the demonstrators will clarify the benefits that companies can gain by adopting the modular drive train approach
  2. The design and control framework will enable Flemish companies to efficiently integrate modularity in their drivetrains and to benefit from cost reduction, improved performance and reliability


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Project partners

1/09/2019 to 31/08/2023