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Challenge Currently, laser-based machining typically uses a circular beam with a Gaussian intensity distribution. This standard beam form emitted by...
Challenge Flanders and the Netherlands are among Europe’s top high-tech regions. Nevertheless, the high-tech industry in this border region faces...
Smart Highway extends the CONCORDA testbed architecture and focuses on location technology, driver monitoring and the construction of a prototype on-board unit.
In the living lab Smart Connectivity we demonstrate the benefits of smart connectivity for Industry 4.0.
This living lab will evaluate existing and new condition monitoring technologies.
This project addresses the challenge by considering product design and product assembly at the same time.
Automated warehouse inventory solutions can increase productivity and decrease losses.
There is still a lot of potential for the manufacturing industry to increase its productivity and flexibility.
Agile and flexible human-centered production is essential for companies that still heavily rely on manual processes.
Although there is a lot of buzz on flexible, collaborative and advanced robotics, real industrial uptake is still limited.
We develop software to design and implement multi-system learning controllers.
Being competitive in the manufacturing industry requires some capabilities of organizations.
CO 2 reduction all over the supply chain is the most important criterion for future competitiveness in the automotive sector.
The goal of this project is to encourage SMEs to implement collaborative robotics and digital technologies.
The manufacturing industry is very important for the economy in the North Sea Region and a real driver for growth.
Numerical methods and tools will be developed to support and improve the design of AM structural components.
Safety-related products become more complex, must cope with more demanding operating circumstances, are subject of customization and must fulfill evolving safety standards.
This project aims at providing software product line methods, techniques and tools for the development of mechatronic software controller variants.