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The MAKE LAB is a mobile research lab that we have filled to the brim with top technology. This fully connected research infrastructure is a living lab in which we work together with companies to find solutions for their specific technological challenges. Through co-creation with advanced production technologies, we identify opportunities for growth and innovation.

In the MAKE LAB, we study ways to develop advanced production methods. We can visit companies with our mobile lab to assess their working methods or allow them to experience new technologies. Experience our Make Lab via a 360° video here.

With the MAKE LAB, we offer


    The working conditions in the production environment of the future will change drastically following the introduction of:

    • Virtual Reality
    • Augmented Reality
    • Digital work instructions
    • Programming of robots
    • Collaboration with robots
    • etc.

    Companies are often reluctant or weary of these new technologies. With our MAKE LAB, we can demonstrate these technologies and offer companies the opportunity to test and experience them in a realistic workplace scenario and in a casual atmosphere.

    Interested in a demonstration?

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    Training sessions

    Operators in production environments will in future be given a different role. Will, as a result, their jobs be taken over by a robot? No. But they will have to work differently. Connected machines and their so-called ‘big data’ are drivers of the factory of the future. New technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality will support operators in their actions, for instance by showing customised digital instructions or by demonstrating procedures by way of 3D projections. Operators will also have to learn to work together with a collaborative robot. Working will be different, better, more efficient and adapted to the limitations of an ageing population.

    We make our MAKE LAB available for practice-oriented training sessions on:

    • Virtual and Augmented Reality
    • Digital work instructions
    • 3D projections
    • Working together with and programming of robots and cobots
    • etc.

    Furthermore, we can measure in our MAKE LAB the physical and cognitive load of operators during their operations.

    Interested in a training session?

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    Feasibility studies

    You can also appeal on our MAKE LAB for feasibility studies. Do you have a certain (assembly) technology or methodology that you wish to test but you do not have the infrastructure or miss the expertise to complete your research? Flanders Make can help you with this. Together, we will establish the best solution to your (technological) challenge and test it in realistic workplace conditions.

    Interested in a feasibility study?

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    The Flanders Make MAKE LAB has been realised with the cooperation of the following partners: