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Vehicle Testing

Vehicles are increasingly safe, energy-efficient and better performing. In our test infrastructure, we validate the performance of new or existing vehicle models in real-world conditions. That’s why our rolling road is equipped with air resistance. As a result, tested vehicles behave as they would on the road, and we can take them up to 320km/h! Additional testing such as emission measurements can be included.

We closely collaborate with the Lommel Proving Ground where on-road tests can be performed in all confidentiality.

Below you can find all available vehicle testing infrastructure. Are you looking for other test facilities?

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Vehicle testing infrastructure

Chasis dynamometer
Chassis dynamometer
Simulate different road and driving conditions in a controlled environment.
Portable Emission Measuring Device
Portable emission measurement
Monitoring of pollutants emitted by engines
Kistler wheel torque measuring system
Wheel torque sensors