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Test infrastructure for thermal systems

Location: FlandersMake@.UGent


We provide services and access to our infrastructure for thermal systems and their components. We have a fully instrumented ORC system drivetrain (Organic Rankine Cycle) available including:

  • a generator, expander and pump;
  • a heat sink and variable heat source;
  • a heat pump system.

We have dedicated setups available to evaluate the heat transfer of heat exchangers, cooling plates and heat pipes:

  • a wind tunnel for heat transfer and pressure drop measurements;
  • a water tunnel for flow visualization experiments;
  • a setup for the determination and visualisation of flow regime and void fraction in tubes.

Finally, we are able to perform thermal conductivity measurements and we have a climate chamber available.

Technical specifications 

ORC system with

  • Electric thermal oil heater
  • 0-250 kWth, max T 350°C
  • water-glycol cooling loop (air cooled) cond T ambient to ca 120°C
  • 11kWe nominal electric power ORC test setup
  • centrifugal pump test rig
  • thermal imaging camera
  • flue gas analyser

Specifications of our other setups

  • a guarded hot plate method (ISO8302 and NBN B62-201)
  • a parallel hotwire method (NBN B62-202)
  • a climate chamber (control of temperature and humidity) of 150 x 150 x 150cm³

What do we offer?

We offer the test rigs for:

  • Evaluation of the performance of ORC systems, including its components
  • Evaluation of heat transfers of heat exchangers, cooling plates and heat pipes
  • Thermal conductivity measurements 

Are you interested in these services? Do you want to make use of our equipment? Or do you need consulting?

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The following companies have already made use of this test rig: