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Test facilities for product validation

As a Flemish research center, we offer test infrastructure all over Flanders. These test facilities focus on product validation or production optimisation and are located in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt, Kortrijk, Leuven and Lommel.

Below you can find all available test facilities for product validation. Are you looking for other test facilities?

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Drivetrain Testing

Vehicle and machine manufacturers are under considerable pressure to come up with increasingly smart, energy-efficient and better performing systems. We have infrastructure testing mechanical drivetrains as well as e-motor based drivetrains. That’s how we help companies to find the right drivetrain solution for the smart, interconnected production machines and the vehicles of tomorrow.

Discover all drivetrain testing facilities

Vehicle Testing

Vehicles are increasingly safe, energy-efficient and better performing. In our test infrastructure, we validate the performance of new or existing vehicle models in real-world conditions. That’s why our rolling road is equipped with air resistance. As a result, tested vehicles behave as they would on the road, and we can take them up to 320km/h! Additional testing such as emission measurements can be included.​

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NVH & durability testing

NVH is a crucial evaluation criterion for machines and vehicles and includes compliance with legal requirements. We characterise the NVH performance of components and complete systems in real-life conditions. This enable us to support the design and development of products with optimised NVH performances. NVH testing can also be combined with environmental testing (temperature and humidity cycles under UV exposure) to perform accelerated life tests.

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Battery Testing

Following the shift toards electrification, research into drive cycles, fast charging and aging of batteries is paramount. In our battery labs, we test cells, modules and packs to help select the right battery cell for any application. Our research infrastructure includes climate chambers to determine operational temperature range or to perform accelerated life tests.

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Testing of Automated Vehicles

We have a number of automated platforms available for on-road, off-highway and indoor use. This includes cars, tractors, AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), mobile robots and drones. All these systems have an open control architecture. This means that our clients can use them, among other things, for validating their own control strategies, testing new sensor solutions or demonstrating the application of these platforms on their own factory floor. 

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Product Inspection

High product quality at every stage of the production process avoids (the costs of) recalls and reputational damage. That’s why we run a number of product inspection labs, which allow to verify dimensions, measure surface texture and roughness or identify pores and cracks in a non-destructive way.

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