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customised innovation

We help companies to develop technological solutions, from the moment that an idea is beginning to take shape up to its development into a fully functional product or production process. We also support them in view of the optimisation of their existing products and production processes.

Feasibility studiesWe identify the pros and cons of a particular innovative technology for a specific company using initiatives like Innovation Boosting for instance. We look into potential gaps, identify which supporting technology or knowledge is still missing within this company and how we can offer a solution. 
Product design support
Product developers must make all kinds of choices in the product design phase that may have a significant impact on functionality, efficiency, price, manufacturability, etc. We provide them with methods and supporting software to simplify this design process.
Optimisation of production processes
The demand for customised products increases, which has an impact on the production flow. We help companies, for instance by setting up – in the most economical way possible – an assembly area that offers the required flexibility. We offer assistance in the selection, installation and application of sensors that can optimise production. 
Advice on and implementation of new technology in production environments
We support manufacturing companies for example with our:

in strengthening their competitiveness by making use of new technologies, such as for instance artificial intelligence, digital work instructions, robot & cobot technology, virtual and augmented reality.

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