Can you imagine the range of applications for a transmission without gliding or sliding contact surfaces, a transmission which is moreover continuously variable in an electrical manner?


Location: FlandersMake@.UGent

Technical specifications

  • a 120 kW Prototype permanent magnet EVT
  • a 30 kW induction machine that emulates a source (combustion engine)
  • a 30 kW induction machine that emulates a load profile
  • a 100 kW & 150 kW automotive inverter
  • Water cooling for the EVT and the two inverters
  • Torque measurement
  • Forced air cooling

What do we offer?

This test set-up is available:

  • to evaluate the feasibility of the EVT for your application.


Download an overview here:
Electrical Variable Transmissions (EVT) Testing - Overview

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