Intelligent model re-use


CAD design


As modeling techniques become more prevalent across various engineering fields, the number and complexity of available models continues to grow. These models, including CAD models, architecture models, Simulink, and Simscape, are valuable assets created by experts and should be reused whenever possible. To increase development productivity and take advantage of model transformation tools, reuse mechanisms have become a recent focus. Our proposed project aims to manage the increasing number of Simulink and Simscape models on a large scale, enabling model reuse and reducing the cost of creating and maintaining them. This will improve the efficiency of the design process.

Project goal

The project aims to manage the growing number of models (e.g., Simulink, Simscape) on a large scale to enable model re-use and decrease the cost of creating/maintaining them to improve the efficiency of the design process.



  1. Development of a strategy to semantically search the required models in the repository of available (legacy) models will reduce the initial cost of modeling (using public lib of models);
  2. Clone/pattern detection in the product models to find the product families (or their common components) will help maintenance and keeping the efficient process for re-use of models (private lib of models);
  3. Classification of the models by learning the available models and intelligently detect the type/label of the new model will remove the risk of depending on an experts in the management of models in long-run.


iMORE_IRVA is an Industrial Research project. We are looking for companies to join the User Group and work with us on the valorisation of the project.

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