We offer a reduction of design uncertainties by translating data from the manufacturing, validation or operational phase into useful design information. With our unique approach, we capture these hard-to-measure data through data-driven digital twins enriched with physics-inspired models.

Flanders Make - Lifecycle design

What do we offer?

To improve future designs of your machines and components, we take the different phases of the product life cycle into account. Knowledge and information of manufacturing rules and consequences, assembly processes and the impact on product performance are objectified and used in the product design. This allows us to:

  • Optimise the product design by considering different lifecycle aspects such as manufacturability and assembly;
  • Optimise production process parameters in terms of performance requirements;
  • Consider information that is captured in design rules when optimising a design. These insights can come from human experience, simulations or digital twins.

Our unique software

  • In-house developed research codes in Matlab to model (non-linear) finite elements, (flexible) multi-body systems and gear dynamics.
  • In-house developed method for process performance optimisation and design for assembly.


Overview - Lifecycle design

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