We offer unique expertise and tools for “first-time-right” freeform optical design. We combine optical design, modelling, prototyping, manufacturing and testing to deliver optimal optical components and systems of random complexity. Leveraging our state-of-the-art machining and metrology equipment, we produce prototypes and replicas in plastic, glass and a selection of specialty optical materials.

A wafer-scale hot embossing machine at B-PHOT - Flanders Make

What are freeform optics?

The simplest definition of a freeform optic is an optical component with an optical surface lacking translational or rotational symmetry. Freeform optics have unique advantages for both imaging and non-imaging optical applications as they combine the best optical performance with a small form factor and low weight.

Our unique software & hardware

  1. Design: state-of-the-art commercial tools (Zemax, ASAP, Code V, Lumerical MODE/FDTD Solutions, OptSim, VirtualLab) combined with proprietary algorithms capable of “first-time-right” freeform optical design.
  2. Manufacturing: freeform optical components in polymers or glass through ultraprecision diamond tooling, ultraprecision grinding and polishing, hot embossing, injection moulding and glass press moulding.
  3. Metrology: state-of-the-art CMM and interferometry in ISO Class 7 cleanrooms.

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Overview - Design and fabrication of freeform optics

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