Groundbreaking technological innovation for ultimate driving experience

Flanders Make develops groundbreaking technological innovation for Flemish start-up looking for ultimate driving experience

Driving a vehicle that combines the thrill of a motorbike with the luxury of a sports car and gives both driver and passenger a sensational feeling that can only be experienced in the cockpit of a jet plane? It will soon be possible with the innovative tilting vehicle developed by Kerv Automotive, an ambitious Flemish start-up that has been working on the development of its Kerv STV since 2016.

STV stands for Slim Tilting Vehicle. For this, the Kerv has a unique hydraulic tilting system that combines a ground-breaking technological innovation with a sensational driving experience. The Kerv's cabin tilts along in the curves, just like a motorbike. The system absorbs all lateral forces so that the vehicle glides seamlessly through every bend and you remain perfectly balanced at all times. In other words, the Kerv takes you on a true driving adventure, bend by bend, creating a new level of driving dynamics that conventional sports cars cannot offer.

In this blog you can read more about how Kerv Automotive cooperated with Flanders Make to develop this piece of top technology.

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