#COVIDNEWS: Screening of body temperature - Update

Screening of body temperature - Update

Flanders Make goes into battle with Covid-19. For this purpose, several projects have been started, one of which is the screening of body temperature by means of an infrared camera. In this way, companies can ensure in their restart that people with an elevated body temperature are noticed upon entry. Currently, after successful initial tests, we are working together with thermography specialists at the UAntwerp to improve and automate our system.

Demonstration at your location

As of today, Monday 4 May, we can give demonstrations on location. This allows your company to evaluate the functioning of the system and its various components in its own environment.

In addition, as of May 11th, we will be updating the software to automate and speed up the measurement procedure using smart algorithms, including eye and eyeglass detection. In addition, we will classify all measurements on the basis of various parameters, such as the outside temperature, the means of transport used by the tested person to get to you, etc. This is necessary in order to be able to set the threshold value for each subgroup and to obtain a more effective screening


Are you interested in a short term demonstration for your organization?

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