#Covidnews: Production of FFP2 & FFP3 masks

Production of FFP2 & FFP3 masks

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a huge demand for mouth masks worldwide. Unfortunately, not all suppliers appear to be able to meet the quality requirements set by the Belgian and European legislator. Masks are supplied with filters that barely work and that don't fit the face, with all the consequences that entails. We are of the opinion that our aid workers are entitled to decent protective material.

To tackle this problem, product developers at the UAntwerp started designing FFP2 and FFP3 mouth masks and setting up an emergency production line for them. These masks, which are used by our doctors and nurses who are in close contact with Covid-19 patients, have to meet the highest quality standards.

Flanders Make expertise

Flanders Make has, among other things, extensive experience in mapping out manual assembly steps, bonding and setting up production automation.

Researchers from various Flanders Make Core Labs are now using their expertise to advise and support fellow researchers at the Antwerp Design Factory in the development of the mouth masks and in the optimisation of the production organisation.

This allows us to keep production in our own country and quickly deliver masks that meet the strictest quality standards.

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