#Covidnews: First ventilators VUB FabLab ready to test

Breathney ready for testing

If the number of Covid-19 patients in Belgium and elsewhere continues to rise, there is a possible shortage of artificial ventilators.  A team of engineers at the FabLab Brussels of the Free University of Brussels has therefore developed a first prototype of a simple ventilator - Breathney - in record time in recent weeks. Flanders Make supported the Fablab and deployed a team of 15 engineers and technicians to develop and set up tests for this prototype. 

Flemish Minister of Innovation - Hilde Crevits:

Our Flemish researchers and scientists are world leaders and this is proven once again during this corona crisis. The Flemish research world is working hard to provide maximum support to our health services in these times. This project shows that there is a lot of expertise and potential at our universities, at Flanders Make and at our manufacturing industry.

Last Friday, Audi Brussels produced the first fifty pre-series ventilators. The team of researchers is currently putting the finishing touches to the equipment and the first tests are underway. These include functional tests, safety tests, etc. This will enable us to solve the last small problems and deliver a reliable unit in record time. VUB-FabLab shares the acquired knowledge via open source with interested parties in other countries where the lack of ventilators is great and production possibilities are limited.

VUB Prof - Marc Runacres:

In terms of functionality, the appliance does what professional appliances do. But of course it hasn't been tested like a professional device because we don't have the time for full certification. We strive for maximum compliance with the requirements published abroad (i.e. MHRA from the UK).