#Covidnews: Fablab KULeuven produces 3000 face masks for the healthcare sector

The FabLab of the KULeuven has started 3D printing face masks for the healthcare sector. These masks, which consist of a 3D printed headband and a screen made of plexiglass, should protect our doctors, nurses, midwives, healthcare professionals, etc. against a possible Covid-19 infection. With the support of Flanders Make, from the structural STEM cooperation, the FabLab plans to produce some 3000 masks. Some 2300 of these have already been made and delivered to general practitioners, residential care centres, guard posts, ambulance services, home nurses and institutions for people with disabilities in Flemish Brabant. The remaining 700 masks are currently being produced and will be delivered in the coming weeks.

Marc Lambaerts, founder and responsible of Fablab Leuven:

The mask consists of 2 large parts. An adjustable headband including fastening and a plexiglass screen. The headband is printed in 3D on one of our thirteen 3D printers, which can print 2 pieces in one go. One complete print takes just under six hours. So we can print 4 cycles per day, which means a total production of 104 headbands per day. We attach a plexiglass screen to the headband which will provide the final protection.

Dirk Torfs, CEO Flanders Make:

This initiative is part of our Covid-19 activities, in which we contribute from the creativity of our researchers to protect healthcare personnel against contamination in the performance of their tasks. We are particularly proud that the Fablab Leuven also has the same attitude. Partners complement each other and this is how we create impact.

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