30 year old Patricia may have passed through a bit of an atypical academic curriculum, she currently feels like a fish in the water with her first employer, Flanders Make, where as a Research Engineer she is mainly active in the field of robots and cobots.

Patricia - Research Engineer at Flanders Make

“I followed a master in physiotherapy and then switched to biomedical engineering sciences”, explains Patricia. “During my studies, I became truly fascinated by electromechanical engineering and robotics and chose most of my optional classes within these fields. My PhD was the perfect combination of my studies: I examined how patients, after a brain haemorrhage, can be supported in their rehabilitation by a robot.”

After her studies, Patricia actively searched for a job in electromechanical engineering. She found it with Flanders Make. “I love to perform research but preferably when this research is linked to practice. In this regard, Flanders Make is the perfect place for me. Here, we search for answers to specific questions that the industry has today and anticipate tomorrow’s trends.
With my team, I focus more specifically on how robots and cobots can be used. We try to make companies more aware of this technology and of how they could benefit from it. We also examine how to make robot programming easier and more intuitively so as to increase and widen their deployment and, for instance, facilitate their use for different products and processes.”

“Anyway, I am very happy here. There aren’t too many jobs available in this industry and the opportunity to work on a 4/5th schedule was an added advantage for me. They reacted very positively when I asked this, which isn’t that common in this line of business.”