Flanders Make wins KUKA Innovation Award 2021

Innovation Award 2021: Artificial Intelligence Challenge

By adding artificial intelligence to existing robot systems, the aim is to revolutionize the way humans and robots work together. The Kuka Innovation Award 2021 therefore focused on new use cases in which robots have so far faced major challenges in interacting with their real environment. Among the numerous applications for the competition, an international jury of experts selected the five best concepts. One of those concepts was "Chorrobot" of Flanders Make and KULeuven. 

At the Hannover Messe Digital Edition, which was broadcast entirely digitally due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the jury selected the winner of the Kuka Innovation Award 2021. We are proud to mention that "Team Chorrobot" came out as the winners of the award and the accompanying 20.000 euro. 

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