Use of extended reality in your digital transformation

VR Robert

Augmented, mixed and virtual reality

Augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality are already part of our everyday life. AR overlays computer generated elements to the real world on smartphones or smart glasses. VR is fully immersive, the user wears a helmet and experiences an artificial world with a 360° vision. MR makes augmented reality and virtual reality coexist within a hybrid reality in which the users interacts with digital objects in a real world.

Although these technologies exist for some time, they have been limited to very specific fields.

Flanders Make webinar

Flanders Make organises a free webinar about the use of extended reality on specific applications in the industry. 

The webinar will review recent and upcoming developments in augmented, mixed and virtual reality as well as industry trends. We will show how organisations can use these technologies today, and how they can help you with your digital transformation.

We will discuss the following topics:

  • AR and MR solutions on operator support for warehouses, remote assistance and machine maintenance. 
  • Design tools for the generation of AR based assembly instructions and tools used to show the correct instructions based on the recognized state of the assembly.
  • VR solutions to visualise and analyse the ergonomics of a work cell layout.

The webinar takes 30 minutes, with the possibility for a 1-on-1 session with one of our experts. This way we can help you with your specific needs and we look together for the best support for your innovation project.

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