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Tech@Lunch: Cross-domain knowledge modelling and simulation

Tech@Lunch juni

During our Tech@Lunch webinars, one of our specialists will elaborate on a hot topic in only half an hour. This way, you get a maximum of inspiration in a minimum of time. The session that takes place on Monday 3 June 2024 between 12h30 and 13h00, will be about 'Cross-domain knowledge modelling and simulation'. This topic is presented by Milan Cornelis, FlandersMake@UAntwerpen

Short introduction to this session

In this Tech@Lunch session... We invite you to explore the intricacies of mechatronic systems design and discover how our (MODesT) tool can significantly reduce integration errors. Mechatronic systems consist of multiple components, each crafted by specialized engineering disciplines. These disciplines often lack insight into how their specific design choices impact other components, leading to integration errors.

The tool addresses this issue by modeling dependencies in a Cross-Domain Knowledge Model. This model allows us to understand how various parameters of a component affect the overall performance of the system early in the design process. This insight aids in making informed design choices and significantly reduces integration errors.

Furthermore, we will demonstrate how these cross-domain knowledge models can be used to automatically configure co-simulations. The results of these co-simulations can then be fed back into the model as performance values, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the design.

Join us to learn how to enhance your development process, improve collaboration across disciplines, and minimize integration errors in mechatronic systems.

The session is free, but you need to register